Save the Iron Giant - Join the internet campaign


This last weekend an ongoing animation tragedy has started to unfold. The Iron Giant, probably the best new non-Disney animated film in a long time, is dying at the box office due to inept marketing by Warner Bros. Studios.

You have a chance to right this wrong by joining the grassroots internet campaign to save Iron Giant. Please join in to help this new animation classic.

First go see the movie and take a friend, or if you have kids take all of them. You will not be disappointed, this is a film for everyone adults included.

Second send this email to all the people you know and encourage them to spread the word and see this film.

Third post good things about the film on every relevant internet forum you can find Newsgroups, Chat rooms etc.

Finally if you are into toys go to a Toy Store and ask for the Ultimate Giant it is the coolest toy ever. You will probably not be able to find it but it is really cool. Perhaps we can build Ultimate Giant mania by creating massive demand.

If you want further info on the film go to:

And to see that it's a really great and entertaining film go to these various sites and read the MANY lengthy and glowing reviews for what has become many peoples favorite new film in some time. (look under reviews)

Even Roger Ebert loved it, saying he was relieved that there were no spastic sidekicks, and singing teapots!

I went to see it this last weekend, and was really surprised at how good this film was. I would say it is the most refreshingly animated non Disney feature since Secret of NIMH. The one thing that it has that NIMH had is heart. You can see that the people making this film had fun and the animation reflects that. The giant is great and is some of the nicest character animation you will see in a long time. The rest of the animation hearkens back to 101 Dalmations which puts it in a pretty good league.

Once again, go see the movie this weekend, tell all your friends, and bring the kids. Thank you for your help in saving this new animation classic .

Jon Hooper
Friend of the Giant