"Clerks" - The Cartoon


Well another primetime animated series unfortunately bites the dust. "Clerks" - The Cartoon has been cancelled after only two shows! Even "God, The Devil and Bob" lasted longer than that! It's a shame. It was a funny show. They even had the original actors provide the voices for their characters. The style on "Clerks" was really cool. Nice thick/thin lines. A nice change from the tiring squigglevision of Saturday morning and "The Rugrats". Guess it's just more of the same on the Awful Boring Crap Network. If you want to check out what "Clerks" was all about head over to Clerks - The Cartoon Website before it disappears and see for yourself. Apparently Kevin Smith has obtained the rights for video release so I'm sure we'll see the rest of the unaired shows of "Clerks" - The Cartoon on video or DVD soon.

Also check out The View Askew Website if you enjoy Kevin Smith's live action projects as well.

Snooch to the Nooch.


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