The Incredibles


"The Incredibles" will blow your mind! This is by far the best film PIXAR has released to date.

When Brad Bird went up to PIXAR, it was a dark day for the world of 2D animation. Had Brad turned his back on his 2D breatheren? Now that "The Incredibles" has been released, I am pleased to say, HELL NO! All the qualities of a 2D film that we all know and love are there. Strong design, style, action, villians, heroes, comedy and music and most of all ... fun, all of which tie together to make one of the best animated films of all times! I can't wait to go see it again!

Without giving too much away about the story, it revolves around a family of Super Heroes that tries to cope in everyday life.

The animation in this film is spectacular. The crew truly out did themselves. The acting is terrific! The emotions that these characters can convey are wonderful. The folks at PIXAR seem to have a "lock" on what makes a great animated film. Great characters, great story, period.

It's too bad some of the other studios currently in production have not yet unlocked this idea. Remember that when you go see some of the other holiday fare this year. In discussing his new film "Polar Express", Robert Zemeckis shows his obvious contempt for animators and the art form of animation in general. From

I think when you see the movie, you’ll realize it’s absolutely nothing like an animated movie,” Zemeckis said. “You’ll see such subtlety in the performance of these characters that
you would have to have the genius-of-all-genius animators. In my opinion, there’s no animation in the world that could have created it

Well, we'll see Bob. I think what PIXAR has achieved with the "The Incredibles" has already far surpassed anything you and your mo-cap team can hope to come up with.


- Here's an excerpt from the
that further illustrates the difference of opinion between Zemeckis and Bird on the subject of animating humans. See what you think.

"Zemeckis (Polar Express) guesses that it is just a few years before a digitally rendered 'synthespian shares
the screen with a live actor - convincingly. 'That point where we'll be able to have a virtual,photo-real character standing next to a photographed [human] character in the same shot, and not be able to tell the difference - that's going to be the big breakthrough,' he says."Pixar's Brad Bird isn't sure what purpose that serves. "There is a segment of the CG community that aspires to make a fully realistic human character, and I think it's the weirdest goal, the dumbest goal," Bird says. "It's like scientists' getting so caught up in the science that they forget what they're doing. 'Look, I can make an orange out of dog poop, and it only cost me $100 million! And it looks just like an orange! Isn't that cool?!' But I can get a great orange for 25 cents, you know. If the goal is to have a CG character share the screen with a real person, like Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, then being photo-realistic is totally understandable... .

But with animated films, I don't see why you'd want to be limited by doing something that was pseudo-realistic."

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