We have put together some breakdowns of some lines from movies. We use Cambridge Animation's SoundBreakdown for Mac OS X. This allows us to easily breakdown a track and create a PDF file for downloading. Feel free to use them to practice animating to dialog. In the PDF file, the phonemes are located on the frames the sound occurs first and continue until the next frame with a new phoneme. Track reading is universal, so you can use these for traditional animation, computer animation, clay animation, or just about anything else you can think of. All of the tracks have been read for 24 fps playback.

Track 1 play track 10 seconds
"We’re in a bar, what’dya expect us to do? You must think I’m stupid or something. I look like I just got off a boat? I know whatch'yer tryin’ to do... gehead, get outta here ya half a sissy before I give you a slap."
download x-sheet & track

Track 2 play track 16 seconds
"If we could some how harness this it into the flux just might Saturday night we're sending you Back to the Future! "
download x-sheet & track

Track 3 play track 9.5 seconds
"Before next fall, you're in need of a serious attitude adjustment young man, you better ge'cher priorities straight ... and watch out with that other crowd you're runnin' with ... Don't think I haven't noticed!"
download x-sheet & track

Track 4 play track 6.5 seconds
"Awww ... this is the worst lookin' hat I ever saw ... What'dya buy a hat like this I betcha get a free bowl of soup. Ohhh ... it looks good on you though!"
download x-sheet & track

Track 5 play track 5.5 seconds
"The first thing you're gonna learn is have a good attitude ...that's key. Anybody'll tell you that!"
download x-sheet & track

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